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A set of communication solutions for coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. Restaurant menu protectors, menu holders. Slate for restaurants. Place mats, candles for restaurants.

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  • Restaurant slates

    The best range of restaurant slate by DecoHO

    We offer a wide variety of slate boards specific to the needs of hoteliers-restaurateurs. All our menu slate boards are professionally finished. Our products are made to last and resist the elements. The superior quality of the products used to make our slates make our products the reference in their category. Winter as well as summer communicate with your customers on high quality supports, we understand that the quality of your communication and image must be excellent to maintain and expand your customer base. Our restaurant menu slate can be installed outdoors on the sidewalk to ensure the best visibility and advertising to passers-by and potential customers. We also have products designed for the interiors of your establishments such as the restaurant wall slate or table slate for your daily specials or special offers.

    Contact your restaurant slate

    Display your prices, present your special offers or even decorate your establishment thanks to the different slates in our range. With our table slates you can present your new products or your daily promotions directly under the nose of the customer. Our selection of small slates allows you to stick as well as possible to your product or your offer and our various systems of fasteners allow you to find the product which will adapt as well as possible to your needs. As for our wall slates, they are perfect for decorating your café or restaurant, and with just a little creativity you can use them to highlight an important event or national holiday. Our slates come in all sizes and shapes, we have a wide choice to ensure you a product adapted to all your circumstances. Use our specific chalk markers for a professional final result and bright colours on your restaurant slate.

    Order your slate board from DecoHO

    Browse our wide range ofmenu slate and find the perfect products for your sign. We stock more than 80 models of slates dedicated to professionals in cafés, hotels and restaurants. Find the products best suited to your situation and with one click order your new material. We dispatch all our orders within 48 hours. In order to facilitate your transactions, we accept many means of payment:

    • Credit card

    • Bank transfer

    • PayPal

    • Amazon pay

    • Administrative mandates

    For more information or for a complete quote please feel free to contact our team of dedicated professionals. The company DecoHO is a specialist in public signage since 2011.

  • Restaurant menu cover

    The best restaurant menu cover

    Complete your corporate image by using restaurant menu protectors adapted to your establishment. Choose the model you like from our range, we offer you cheap menu protectors in leather, PVC, cork or even in ecological cellulose fibre material. Our different models adapt to all situations and, above all, allow you to reflect your interior decoration and the atmosphere you wish to create. By giving a cover to the restaurant menu you assure your customers a quality, clean and pleasant object that will reflect the quality of your food or drinks, no more stained and greasy menus that repel customers. Your menu and menu card are protected in the restaurant and your customers will be better able to keep them in their hands for longer and therefore order more in quantity and variety.

    Discover our customizable restaurant menu protectors

    Add an extra touch to your café, hotel or restaurant by leaving the standard restaurant menu covers behind and moving on to custom menu covers. Play the exclusivity card right to the end by putting your menu in the colours of your brand, your customers will be all the more won over. By presenting an original menu cover in your establishment you assure your customers of your unique side and the care you take with your offer. If you want to play on the originality and modernity of your brand, why not present your offer on a clipboard type menu. We offer you a dozen of cheap clipboard menu protectors for a trendy brewery type offer or to present your specialities and offers of the day.

    All your menu needs by DecoHO

    From the wine list to the cork menu protectors, DecoHO offers you a wide range of products that will meet all your needs in terms of menus, for advice or more information. contact us easily. Equip yourself with a click with our different menus or take advantage of our offers to refresh your presentations for the new season. Browse the different models of restaurant menu protectors online, select what you like in a transparent and easy way. We ship all our available products within 48 hours, your payments are secure and you can choose the method that best suits your business.

    • Payment by credit card, Visa or Mastercard
    • Bank transfer
    • Administrative Mandate
    • Online payments with Amazon Pay or PayPal.

    With DecoHO you can communicate in perfect harmony with your style and your brand, even in your choice of menu protectors, whether it is modern, trendy or even completely personalized.

  • Restaurant menu holder

    The reference of the outdoor restaurant menu holders

    For a more chic ambiance, go to the sidewalk menu holder, no more slates and communicate your menu in style. DecoHO offers you a choice of more than 10 different models of outdoor menu holders, from modern menu holders with integrated LED lighting to rustic-chic wooden models. Your establishment will not go unnoticed with these outdoor restaurant menu holders, display your menu and offers clearly and proudly to attract customers and win customers. The cafés, hotels and restaurants that trust us are unanimous about the advantages of our illuminated menu holders. You will gain visibility day and night thanks to the backlighting, but also present a more prestigious image to your customers.

    Communicate without limits with our exterior menu holders

    Contrary to classic restaurant slates, a menu holder gives you the possibility to communicate your offers without being limited by your drawing skills. Our original outdoor menu holder allows you to present your menu or your offer in any way you like and without any hassle, in fact no more need to draw with chalk, just print out your menu or message and slide it under the menu holder glass. Our various models of cheap restaurant menu holders allow you to communicate perfectly without breaking the bank. Our outdoor restaurant menus are of very high quality and offer our customers multiple possibilities for communication and advertising while remaining affordable and of the best quality for the same price on the market.

    Upgrade easily with DecoHO

    Communicate more admirably and easily by choosing a quality menu holder that will present your establishment's offers in an elegant way. Browse through our different products on our online site and find the sidewalk menu holder that will make you stand out from the crowd. Order online with ease and quickly receive your new display. In order to facilitate your purchases and guarantee secure payments we offer you multiple payment methods such as

    • Credit Card
    • Transfers
    • Administrative mandates
    • Amazon Pay
    • PayPal

    If you wish to contact us for more information about our products or for advice we are at your disposal from Monday to Friday. DecoHO is your privileged partner in outdoor communication thanks to our wide range of outdoor menu holders.

  • Restaurant bill holder

    Selection of door bill for cafes, hotels and restaurants. The quality of a bill holder is not to be neglected because it is one of the last memories of your establishment.

  • Door purchase orders

    Door purchase orders: the system allows to keep notes and purchase orders by using ball. Just simply slide them into the bar. They can be removed and refitted at will. The wall mounting is provided by 2 screws or with a tape double-sided.

  • Table accessories

    Set of solutions for table design. Placemats, coasters, napkin rings, table numbers, LED candles and bottle holders for cafés, hotels and restaurants.

  • Reception café,...

    Set of products for reception in public places, in particular hotels, restaurants and cafés. Range of reception posts that can be used in all public places. VIP reception mats. Outdoor ashtrays.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 1072 items

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