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Passepartouts are one of the framing accessories not to be missed. Indeed, the mounts for photo and picture frames have a dual purpose: to protect and decorate, to enhance.

The mat, placed between a subject and the frame it has, allows you to protect a photo or a painting. Depending on the color of the mat chosen, it will enhance your photo, your work, your painting, your screen print, or any other work on paper.

Discover all our mats for photo frames, paintings and painting framing.

A mat is a cardboard border that is used to frame a picture or painting. It is placed between the image and the glass of the frame to create an empty space, called a margin, between the image and the edges of the frame. This highlights the image and protects it from direct contact with the glass. Mats can also be used to hide imperfections around the edges of an image or to fit a differently sized image into a standard frame.

Nielsen mounts are made from high quality cardboard and are available in different colors including black, white and cream.

Black and white mats are often used to highlight images or paintings with bright colors or high contrast. Black mats tend to give a feeling of depth and gravity, while white mats tend to give a lighter, airier look.

Cream mats are generally used for images or paintings with softer colors or pastel tones. They give a warmer and more subtle appearance.

Nielsen mounts are also available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all types of frames and images.

Mats are an essential element in framing photos, artwork and collectibles. These window-shaped cutouts are used to frame the image, while creating space between the image and the glass for a professional and elegant presentation.

Mats are made from a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, PVC and cellulose acid. Paper and cardboard are the most common materials because they are easy to work with, economical, and offer a wide variety of colors and textures. PVC and cellulose acid are stronger and more durable, but are often more expensive.

The colors of the mats also vary a lot. Neutral colors like white, cream and black are the most common and suit most images. However, it is also possible to get mats in brighter colors to create an interesting contrast or to coordinate with the framed work.

The shape of the mats may also vary. Square and rectangular shapes are the most common, but it is also possible to obtain mats in oval, circle or more complex shapes. This can be a great way to highlight an image or create a unique presentation.

The best-known matboard manufacturers are Nielsen Bainbridge and Crescent. These manufacturers offer a wide variety of sizes, colors, textures and shapes to meet the needs of any professional or amateur framer. Mats are often sold in sheets, but it is also possible to order them custom-made for a more personalized presentation.

In conclusion, mounts are an essential element in framing pictures and collectibles. They help create a professional and elegant presentation by creating a space between the image and the glass. Mat materials, colors, shapes and manufacturers are numerous, providing a wide range of choices to meet all framing needs.

With a single or multi-view aperture, the window or opening of the passepartout must be of a slightly smaller format than your photo. The range of master keys that we offer is wide and can accompany your frames. Black, white or cream, these are the different colors that we have in stock, available so that your orders are shipped quickly.

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