Dibond/mirror adhesive attachment

How to carry out a wall hanging project without drilling a partition?

Whether you are looking to attach a frame, a mirror, a painting or any other support to your wall, the task can quickly become tricky, especially if you do not have the possibility of making holes and drilling your partition, for example if you are renting and your landlord does not allow it. But then what type of wall mount can you choose? Hanging your belongings without drilling a partition is entirely possible. To do this, simply use an invisible wall mounting system. This type of fasteners often comes in the form of a round or square adhesive wall plate allowing you to place the hanger directly on your wall to then be able to place the object to be hung there and, depending on the model, some adhesive hangers can hold more weight than others.

What is special about each type of wall hanging?

Depending on what you want to hang, you will need a specific type of hanging system. If you want to hang a picture, a mirror, etc. without drilling your partition, you will find on our site a wide range of adhesive wall fixing systems, in round or square shapes, mainly with dibond and adhesive fasteners. These clips are galvanized steel wall adhesive plates that are covered with white double-sided adhesive. Depending on the models and what you need to hang, the model you choose will not necessarily be the same. For example, you will need to choose an adhesive picture hanger that can support the weight of your painting (for a painting). Please note that the support for the adhesive wall plate must be at a minimum temperature of 18°C. In fact, the temperature could affect the adhesive power of the fastener. It is also recommended to wait 24 hours after attaching the plaque before hanging anything. After that, you will finally be ready to use your adhesive picture hook (in case you are hanging a painting again, but it could very well be a mirror, a frame, etc…).

The different models of adhesive picture hooks that we offer you

If you are looking for a way to hang your paintings, but also your mirrors, frames, and others, here are the different systems that we offer: Round dibond clips: dibond clips come in different formats with more or less large adhesive plates in order to provide a fixing for mirror or any other object weighing from 0.7 kg to 12 kg. Square dibond boards: dibond boards also come in different formats, with adhesive surfaces of 70 x 70 mm, 100 x 100 mm and 100 x 200 mm, ideal for attaching wooden signs and pictures and can support 3, 6 or 12 kg. Depending on your needs, you can order the fasteners individually (if for example you need a 2 kg plate and another 6 kg), or order sets of 10 plates or even complete kits. 'fasteners. The time when you had to pierce your partitions to hang something on your wall is over, you can now benefit from very discreet adhesive fixing systems to highlight all your favorite objects through Decoho and its range of decoration and decoration products. high quality fixing.

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