Nielsen is a renowned frame manufacturer, known for its high-quality aluminum frames used for framing photographs and artwork. They also make wooden frames, mats and frame walls. Nielsen frames are mainly manufactured in Germany with particular attention to quality.

Nielsen's C2 and Alpha models are very popular with imaging professionals, such as photographers, art galleries and museums. They are recognized for their manufacturing quality and careful finishing. Nielsen's C2 and Alpha models offer a professional solution for framing photographs and artwork.

Thanks to their robustness and precision in manufacturing, Nielsen frames are highly appreciated by individuals for framing their own works of art and photographs. Customization options, such as different wood finishes and aluminum colors, allow customers to create a unique setting that perfectly matches their interior. Nielsen frames are also equipped with premium glass to protect framed works from UV rays and impacts. In short, Nielsen frames are synonymous with quality, durability and precision for professional framing of your works of art or photographs.

Nielsen frames for your exhibitions

Decoho is an ideal partner for anyone looking to display their artwork, whether they are artists, photographers, art galleries, museums or local authorities. Through their partnership with Nielsen, Decoho are able to offer very competitive pricing on a range of premium quality frames and matboards.

Nielsen C2 Frame

Nielsen C2 frames are premium frames that offer a stylish solution for framing and protecting your artwork and photos. These frames are made from premium aluminum and are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to meet your specific needs.

Nielsen Alpha Framework

Nielsen Alpha frames are designed to provide a professional presentation of your artwork while providing protection against external damage. They are also available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including aluminum frames with wood veneer for a touch of warmth and naturalness.

Nielsen Quadrum Frame

Quadrum wooden frames are premium quality frames made from premium wood. These frames are available in a variety of veneer finishes, including cherry, mahogany, walnut and ash.

Decoho also offers premium quality mats to complete the framing of your artwork. Nielsen mounts provide additional protection against damage and help showcase your artwork by making it stand out from the background of the frame.

By working with Decoho, you benefit from very competitive prices on a range of premium quality frames and mats to protect and display your works of art. Whether you are an artist, a photographer, an art gallery, a museum or a local community, Decoho is a partner of choice for all your framing needs.