How have frames and tables

on a wall and thus to harmonise its wall decor?


The wall decoration is very often composed of different frames and tables of different sizes, shapes and materials.


But how to hang so smooth it's different elements?


The first Council is to group your frames and tables based on a common criterion: the artist, the art style, size, orientation, theme, a dominant color, frame type...

In short, the goal is to find a unit, a thread to your wall decor.


The second Board  is well spread your tables based on their sizes. Indeed, the attachment of your tables will be more successful that you choose to hang your tables based on their format.

The size of your tables must be harmonious relative to the size of your wall: Don't place never a small painting on a large wall empty, however a large table can quite be installed on a small section of wall, this will particularly highlight.


The third Council  is to choose the right location for your frames and tables:




First of all avoid the too sunny locations, especially for watercolours and pastels, because colors would resist UV not a too strong dose. However, the modern printing technologies and materials that we use in the Decoboard ® process we allow us overcome this constraint.


Likewise prefer for the lighting of your systems tables low UV (led, light bulb low consumption). Avoid Halogen lighting that can harm your wall decor.




Just then the choice of the height of attachment of your table. There is a simple rule: your table should be hung at eye level! Obvious tell me you, however everyone has no eyes at the same height! So by convention, estimated that the proper height to hang a picture is 1.65 m from the ground. This height means in relation to the table Centre, and not at the height of the hook, setting your table.

 Accrocher un tableau : la bonne Hauteur


Tip: how to calculate the location of the fixing of the picture on the wall?

By doing as follows, if you have multiple frames to hang you all your centers aligned. Here is the formula:

Measure the height of your table and divide by 2 (measure 1), then measure the distance between the top of the hook of the hook point and the top of the frame (measure 2).

Calculate: measure 1 - measure 2 = 3 measure

And finally, add 1.65 m to measure 3 and voila, you know or position your hook for your table.

Do so for all your tables, even of different sizes, and they will be all lined up by their centre.



The various possible provisions:


Available online:


Available online is the most commonly used, because the simplest to implement. It gives a balanced view of all your tables and creates a certain harmony.


Traditionally the alignment of the tables this fact by the centre (visuals 1 and 5), however you can give a much more contemporary look to your hanging emphasizing alignment from the top or the bottom of your tables (Visual 2, 3 and 4).


Do not hesitate to bring out one of your paintings, this it will particularly highlight, and break the effect of line (Visual n ° 2).


Finally, be aware the horizontal alignments will give the impression to extend your room, while the vertical provisions will give an impression of height, your ceilings seem it above!


1- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables online by the center type Gallery

Décoration murale : disposition tableaux et cadres en ligne


2- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables online by the centre with an array value

Décoration murale cadres et tableaux



3 - Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables online at the top:

Décoration murale - Disposition cadres et tableaux en ligne basse


4- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables online at the bottom:

Décoration murale : présentation des cadres et tableaux par ligne basse 


5- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables median line: 

Décoration murale en ligne médiane



6- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables Online vertical: 

Décoration murale : disposition verticale


Geometric shape layout


Many traditionally have your tables and choose to present them according to a selected geometric shape. The geometric shape this guess through the alignment of the tables, in this area everything is possible, but the simpler geometric forms are to advise.


1- Wall decoration - hanging frames and tables square n ° 1

Accrochage tableaux en carré


2- Wall decoration- Hang frames and tables square n ° 2

 Décoration murale : accrocher cadres et tableaux en carré


3- Wall decoration - hanging frames and tables Diamond

Décoration murale : accrochage en losange tableaux et acdres


4- Wall decoration - hanging frames and tables in rectangle by 6

Accrocher cadres et tableaux par 6 


Symmetrical layout


The hanging of paintings and frames in a symmetrical manner, can be compared to a vertical or horizontal axis. The goal is give an impression of movement, dynamism to the attachment of your tables. The vertical symmetrical clash will give an impression of height.


1- Wall decoration - hanging frames and tables vertical symmetrical arrangement 

Accrocher tableaux symétrie verticale


2- Wall decoration - hanging frames and tables horizontal symmetrical work

Décoration murale - Accrocher cadres et tableaux






The decoration of walls as decoration is above all a matter of taste. The provisions presented here are well heard not exhaustive, there are dozens of possible combinations and everyone can adapt these tips to his paintings, frames, his universe and especially tastes.


And to have the opportunity to choose to change at will the disposition of your tables, the best solution is to ask for Rails. The Rails for tables are the only device to change the location of your frames, photos and tables without having to make new holes!


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