About us?


Our objectives

DecoHo.com to site of the company Picturalimited SAS with a capital of €44 000 was created to the attention of professionals (companies, hotels, restaurants, Liberal, clinical professions, homes...) who receive the public.

Indeed, the mural is a determinant of the brand image of companies. Your visitors will instantly be an opinion of your company, your office, your hotel based on its decoration.

That is why it is paramount of neat your wall decor with our collection of contemporary photographs.

A selection of adapted contemporary photographs

DecoHo offers you a selection of framed photographs made according to the rules of the art in the professional photographic laboratory of FUJIFILM. 

These photographs sorted by theme will be responding to your environment (photography by) Brittany for the hoteliers Britons but also contemporary photography from the Wildlife for veterinary practices). But you can also choose a theme that simply suits your taste: contemporary photography industrial environment for example!

A section photography art

DecoHo has also developed a section art photography. Because we quickly came to the conclusion that between the work of art, piece unique and unapproachable, and mass editing, the offer was very limited.

So we decided to create the art photography section, in order to make it more accessible to businesses to contemporary photography.


Our goal is to provide a relevant range of authors, whose works are published in a limited series in order to always offer original décor which will not be found on all the walls you.

DecoHo offers a selection of works of quality in various areas. This selection is the result of our research, our intuitions and our relations with artists.

We made the choice to select a few authors that we will accompany and help you discover.

Original, because you will not otherwise find the works featured in the section decoHo.com art photography.

Original, because all photographs of art are offered in limited and numbered editions.

Affordable, because we control the manufacturing techniques that allow us to offer you very competitive prices, without cutting back on the quality.


Relation press

A press kit is available on request at the address: contact@decoho.com

The DecoHo team

Any questions about us, feel free to contact us at the following address: contact@decoho.com

Find our photographs of arts for the Corporate office decoration, decoration of hotel room, restaurant decoration and the decoration of firm.