Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils or perfume extracts for the harmonization of physical and mental health. Essential oils are used to strengthen the natural self-healing process. It is a natural method based on the activity of the biochemical molecules of chemotyped essential oils.

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  • Ultrasonic diffuser

    Also called hydro-diffusion, this system works with water. Ultrasound make vibrate a ceramic diaphragm which, by its action, turns water into very volatile fog. By adding the essential oils or other scents in water, fog is responsible for odorous molecules diffuse scents. This type of diffuser is equipped with a ventilation system that propels the mist and thus increases the intensity of dissemination.

  • Diffuseurs professionels

    Give your customers a feeling of well-being with our range of professional aroma diffusers. The diffusers shown are suitable for use in public areas (shops, hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping malls, retirement homes, day-care centres, doctors' surgeries, etc.). These professional diffusers are also programmable, allowing you to choose a time slot and the intensity of the diffusion to meet each need.

    The choice of the model is made according to the volume of the place where you wish to install your professional essential oil diffuser.

  • Perfume extract

    Perfect complement to our range of mist and diffuser, these extracts of perfume are tailored to the broadcast. We offer you a selection of the most popular scents developed in Grasse, the perfume capital. Bottle of 15ml.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items



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