Cadres Nielsen Alpha

The Alpha frame is the latest aluminum photo frame from Nielsen. Exceptional design and manufacturing quality. The Nielsen Alpha frame is available in 10 finishes, 6 in anodized and 4 in real wood veneer. Thanks to excellent quality materials and components, additional corner joint, sturdy back panel. Everything offers very high dimensional stability. In addition, the Nielsen Alpha frame offers a new hanging system developed for the Nielsen Alpha range, allowing easy hanging, without distance and without inclination in relation to the wall.

The Nielsen Aluminum Alpha and Alpha Wood Veneer Frames are premium frames that offer a stylish solution for framing and protecting your artwork and photos. These frames are made from premium quality aluminum giving them a neat and professional finish.

Nielsen Aluminum Alpha frames have a sleek, slim profile that highlights your artwork without distracting from it. These frames are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including matte black, satin silver, satin white and satin black.

Nielsen aluminum Alpha wood veneer frames are designed to add a touch of warmth and naturalness to your framing. These frames are made from premium aluminum and wood veneer and are available in a variety of veneer finishes.

Both types of Nielsen aluminum Alpha frames provide a professional presentation of your artwork while providing protection against external damage. The frames are designed to provide strong, stable support for your artwork, while allowing easy replacement of the framed contents without the need to remove the frame from the wall.

The Nielsen Aluminum Alpha and Alpha Wood Veneer frames are ideal for professional artists looking to present their artwork in a premium frame. They are also suitable for art lovers and collectors looking to display their collection elegantly and professionally.

In summary, the Nielsen Aluminum Alpha and Alpha Wood Veneer frames offer a stylish and durable solution for protecting and displaying your artwork and photos. Whether you are a professional artist or an avid collector, these premium frames are a wise choice for showcasing your collection.

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