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The best restaurant menu cover

Complete your corporate image by using restaurant menu protectors adapted to your establishment. Choose the model you like from our range, we offer you cheap menu protectors in leather, PVC, cork or even in ecological cellulose fibre material. Our different models adapt to all situations and, above all, allow you to reflect your interior decoration and the atmosphere you wish to create. By giving a cover to the restaurant menu you assure your customers a quality, clean and pleasant object that will reflect the quality of your food or drinks, no more stained and greasy menus that repel customers. Your menu and menu card are protected in the restaurant and your customers will be better able to keep them in their hands for longer and therefore order more in quantity and variety.

Discover our customizable restaurant menu protectors

Add an extra touch to your café, hotel or restaurant by leaving the standard restaurant menu covers behind and moving on to custom menu covers. Play the exclusivity card right to the end by putting your menu in the colours of your brand, your customers will be all the more won over. By presenting an original menu cover in your establishment you assure your customers of your unique side and the care you take with your offer. If you want to play on the originality and modernity of your brand, why not present your offer on a clipboard type menu. We offer you a dozen of cheap clipboard menu protectors for a trendy brewery type offer or to present your specialities and offers of the day.

All your menu needs by DecoHO

From the wine list to the cork menu protectors, DecoHO offers you a wide range of products that will meet all your needs in terms of menus, for advice or more information. contact us easily. Equip yourself with a click with our different menus or take advantage of our offers to refresh your presentations for the new season. Browse the different models of restaurant menu protectors online, select what you like in a transparent and easy way. We ship all our available products within 48 hours, your payments are secure and you can choose the method that best suits your business.

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  • Online payments with Amazon Pay or PayPal.

With DecoHO you can communicate in perfect harmony with your style and your brand, even in your choice of menu protectors, whether it is modern, trendy or even completely personalized.

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