Illuminated display

A set of illuminated display solutions for shop windows, shops or any public place requiring enhancement. Allows a particularly visible communication. The light of our display and signage systems is an important element in highlighting your communication.

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  • Bright letters

    Bright letters LED to communication and showcase display or all public places. Bright letters constituted an excellent way to communicate and to attract the eyes.

  • Illuminated signs

    The Led illuminated signs are signs for indoor use. They allow to improve the visibility of the point of sale by attracting the eyes of passers-by and thus consumers. The illuminated signs are a crucial communication elements.

  • Bright frame

    Luminous frames to LED-based for the display of information, posters and posters in our showcase all public places.  A light framework LED to increase the visibility of your communications. Our luminous frames are available in several dimensions, single or double sided. For use in the window or on a wall.

  • Print media

    Selection of printing for luminous frames LED support. Backlit backlight for laser or inkjet printers. To obtain a print perfect for your light displays, including the display of your illuminated display. 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 65 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 65 items
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Illuminated display


  • C2 40X50
    C2 40 X 50

    Frame NIELSEN Aluminium C2 proposed...

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    20,08 €   tax incl. 23,90 €

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