Picture rail hooks
There are two main categories of picture rail hooks. Self-locking hooks that can be adjusted by simple pressure and which preserve the perlon cable, and hooks for cyma rails with manual tightening, which is more economical. In case of frequent changes of your wall decoration, prefer the self-locking hooks for pictures.

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  • Hook screw

    Tables screw hooks are hooks the most currents, but also the most economical hooks. However their settings is trickier because it is necessary to tighten a wrench to tighten the hook on the cable, so it is much more time-consuming and tedious than a hook autolocking.

  • Hooks auto blocking

    Tables auto blocking hooks are much simpler to use. Indeed, a simple pressure on the hook to move it on its cable. More tables auto blocking hooks don't bruise not cables perlon.

  • Rod hook 4 x 4 mm

    Hooks for tables specifically intended for the rod square 4 x 4 mm. 4 x 4 stem mm are destined for the j or rail to the top of the Chair rail Newly R30.

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Showing 1 - 48 of 51 items

Picture rail hooks


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