Complete chair rail package (rails + fixings + cables + hooks)
The complete picture rail package is the turnkey solution for fixing pictures. Everything is included: rails, rail fasteners (clips, screws and dowels), 150 cm perlon cables and of course the picture hooks.

Complete chair rail package (rails + fixings + cables + hooks)  There are 157 products.


  • ECO Click Rail

    The economic package offered by us is based on elements of quality: the Click track at Artiteq Rails with their fastening click and connect system. Click Rail rails are very simple to install. We have completed of perlon cable Slider (to slide along the rail) and the very qualitative hook screw Newly H50. These hooks allow to hang frames and tables up to a weight of 5kg. When, the cimaise Click Rail from Artiteq supports a weight of 20 kg per linear metre.

  • Cimaise ECO Classic J

    The classic J rails are economic Rails. The Chair rail in J is most common and the most classic of the Rails. The classic cimaise supports up to 20 kg per linear metre.

  • Picture rail R10 - 20 KG

    Pack full cimaise R10 (rails R10 + bindings + cables perlon + hooks H100). The Newly R10 rails are especially fine and elegant. The innovative design of these rails allow a facility closer to the ceiling, more hooks of the perlon cables disappear in the rail (exclusive to the Newly Rails). Size: 17 mm in height and 12 mm deep only.

  • Picture rail R20 - 30 KG

    Pack full cimaise R20 (rails Newly-R20 + bindings + cables perlon + hooks H100). Barely larger than the Newly R10 cimaises, they offer the advantage of support arrays with a higher weight. Dimension cimaises R20: 23 mm in height and 12 mm deep.

  • Picture rail R30 - 50 KG


  • Cimaise R10 + Micro

    The full pack Micro Perlon is composed of rails Rails NEWLY R10 and new hooks and micro perlon cable. Cables micro perlon are only 1 mm in diameter and are therefore very discrete. It must involve hooks for tables Artiteq MicroGrip.

  • Cimaise R40

    The complete Newly R40 ceiling rail packs are composed of the latest generation of Newly R40 ceiling rail. They are the only ceiling cyma with invisible fixings. Newly R40 picture rails are ideal for the display of pictures or signs in the windows of art galleries or any other commercial premises.

  • Cimaise Top Rail

    Full Pack consisting of the top rail Rails. The top rail rails are intended to be fixed to the ceiling, but the ideal Rails when one wishes to attach the Rails before a showcase or the center of a piece. We have combined with the Rails top rail cables micro perlon, most subtle of the market, and the hooks locking Artiteq microgrip.

  • Cimaise Classic +.

    Claasic rails are the Rails most commonly used in art galleries and museums. It is the traditional cimaise in J. extremely resistant, it is able to withstand a load up to 100 kg per linear metre. We've combined it with a 4 x 4 mm steel rod and a hook self-locking supporting a load of 40 kg.

  • Pro Light Combi Cimaise

    Combi Pro-Light rails are specially designed to hang the frames and tables while shedding light. The rail is a particularly elegant design. Neutral and thus fits all styles of interiors. Lamps can be moved as many times as you want and easily inserted in the rail at the location of your choice. We propose the Combi Pro Light Rails with two type of lamps: halogen and LED. The Rails for paintings Combi Pro Light combine a hanging system and lighting on a single rail!

  • Standard rail package...
    The chair rail pack is simply composed of the rails and the fixings (clips, screws and plugs). These picture rail packs will be the basis of your installation for the fixing of your boards: you will just have to add the perlon cables and the board hooks of your choice.
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Showing 1 - 48 of 157 items
Showing 1 - 48 of 157 items

Complete chair rail package (rails + fixings + cables + hooks)


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